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Professional Grooming and Boarding Services for Your Pets

Grooming and BoardingIf you are searching for a pet boarding and grooming specialists that can offer you professional services in Fountain Valley, CA, turn to us! Here, at Critter Clippers, we are dedicated to our job and to providing each customer with an outstanding service. Our company is well-prepared to offer you outstanding services for your pets that will meet your requirements. Whether you want to visit us for your pet’s medical bath, nail clipping, or you simply need grooming and boarding, we are the professionals that will ensure your complete satisfaction. Do not hesitate, and choose us!


When it comes to grooming and boarding, we are the professionals that will offer you the outstanding services you are searching for. With us, you will rely on loving, experienced, and highly qualified specialists that will take care of your pets with the same care and attention you would give them. Make sure you are turning to a reputable company, and choose us!



Based in Fountain Valley, CA, Critter Clippers is the rational choice for those who need to work with capable and qualified experts. Whether you need pet boarding, grooming, or medical baths for fleas and ticks, we are the company that will meet your demands. Call us at (714) 962-6988 to receive a professional service!