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Your pet dogs have their own unique grooming requirements. Certain dog breeds require minimal grooming while there are other dogs that require regular trips to the groomer. A well-groomed dog is a happy and healthy dog. You should groom your pet dog regularly. If you don’t have time, you should book a professional dog grooming service.

Why You Should Hire a Professional Dog Groomer

Dog GroomingProper grooming is more than giving your dog a regular bath. You should also trim their nails and brush their teeth. Pet grooming can take up too much of your time. You have other important matters you need to do. The only solution to your problem is to hire a professional. Here are the benefits of booking a professional dog grooming service:

  • Customized Grooming Service

Every breed has its own individual grooming needs. To address those needs, most pet salons offer a wide range of services. The groomer customizes each service to address your dog’s grooming requirements. You can count on them to give your dog the attention that they need.

  • Quality Grooming Tools and Products

Pet salons have grooming tools and products made especially for your dogs. Each tool is designed to trim your dog’s nail and fur efficiently. The products that they use are made from high-quality and dog-friendly materials. Your pet dogs will be bathed and pampered like royalty from head to paw.

  • Expert Grooming Advice

Regular grooming is important for your dogs. The groomer can give you plenty of tips on how to take care of your dog at home. A few of these tips can include what products to use and how to brush their teeth efficiently.


If you want to book a dog grooming service, Critter Clippers is the pet salon that you should call. Our team is made up of highly skilled groomers. You can count on us to keep your dog feeling fresh and clean all the time. To know more about our services, you can all us at (714) 962-6988 or visit our office, located at Fountain Valley, CA, today!