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Whether a purebred dog or a rescued pup, dog grooming is needed to help them stay clean and healthy. Grooming a dog is not that hard, however, some pets are easier than others. Anyone choosing a dog must take some time to take grooming into consideration. Generally, grooming a dog will be a faster and easier process when the dog has short, straight hair. Dogs like poodles or golden retrievers that have either long or curly hair do need more care than their short-haired friends.

Want to Make Sure Your Dog Stays in Good Health?

dog groomingThose that already own a dog will be able to go online and research their breed in order to learn more about what type of grooming issues they should expect to do. Considerations such as coat length and type, breed characteristics and ear shape. Pets that have long or dense hair will take a longer to bathe and brush than short-haired pets, and dogs that have long, floppy ears or drooping skin flaps will need more facial cleaning and grooming. However, before you start grooming your dog, think about their structure and size too. Some pets have to be bathed outside, as you may not be able to fit a Great Dane into your bathtub.

Also, think about how you will bathe your dog can often go to making their bathing experience more pleasant. Many breeds only need to be bathed once-a-month, however, dogs which are active or get dirty on a regular basis will need to be bathed more often. Older or infirm dogs do not need as many. When bathing or grooming a dog, only use products specifically made for dogs.

Even though bathing is a huge part of grooming your dog, daily brushing is just as if not more important to maintaining a healthy coat. Brushing your dog every day removes debris from their coat and helps you see if they have any issues with fleas or ticks. Grooming does not have to be a long process. Using a slicker or fine-toothed brush will speed this process along. Long-haired or large dogs, however, will take longer to brush through. For all your dog grooming needs, please contact Critter Clippers in Fountain Valley, CA today on (714) 962-6988.