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Keep Your Canine Companion Groomed in a Reliable Pet Grooming Salon

Pet Grooming SalonDogs are huggable animals and they like to be hugged back too. But would you cuddle your dog if it smells bad and full of filth? Like most humans, your furry friend also needs pampering and grooming. Sometimes, washing your canine companion with water alone won’t remove the stench and dirt. It’s best if you bring your dog to a pet grooming salon. Critter Clippers is the pet salon in Fountain Valley, CA you consider when it comes to pet care.

In business since 2005, we strive to deliver quality pet grooming service. Whether trim your dog’s hair so that it will look fabulous or tend to get their nails trimmed to avoid getting scratches, grooming your pet is not easy. But if you let us do the work for you, we will be able to pamper and groom your dog properly. Our dog groomer will make sure that your pet won’t feel anxious or stressed out while on our salon. We are against animal cruelty so we see to it that your dog won’t get hurt during the process. Although we are not dog experts, our team of professionals is capable of taking care of your dog and know basic dog handling care to ensure the well-being of your pets.

Our dog grooming salon offer services that are readily available for pet owners like yourself. We understand how you love our pets and it would be harsh if you’ll spend a hefty amount of money just to get them cleaned and pampered. Our dog washing process uses pet-friendly soap and shampoo for your beloved canine companion. We also specialize in dog hair and nail trimming. We use appropriate dog hair trimming tools and equipment to ensure that your dog will look beautiful and dashing after the process.

Finding the right pet salon to match your budget and needs is difficult. But with Critter Clippers in Fountain Valley, CA, you can ensure that your pet is groomed and taken care of the right way. Call us now at (714) 962-6988 and let’s put your pet dog in the spotlight!